Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Find a Vietnamese Wife in 2023

Including a prewedding engagement ceremony in her overall wedding celebration was especially important to Cung when preparing for her wedding. Vietnamese wives also have to take additional HIV tests and health checks every year, adding hundreds of yuan to the bill. The Chinese government has been concerned over a higher ratio of HIV carriers among foreign wives, especially in border provinces. A 2010 survey found that eight out of every 2,500 Vietnamese wives in Guangxi province were HIV positive, and 0.7 percent of Vietnamese migrant workers — a rate three times higher than that of Chinese workers.

However, losing $500 on nothing doesn’t feel that good, either. Check the sites carefully, make sure there aren’t any hidden costs, fake profiles , and messages generated by the system and not written by real people. Thanks to sites, dating a mail order bride from Vietnam is extremely simple—you just visit a site, create a profile, and start chatting with the girls online. If you’re going to bring your future wife to the US through a K-1 visa, however, you’ll need to get married in the United States. The K-1 visa costs around $2,200 —after that, your Vietnam bride will become a US permanent resident. Why would a beautiful and intelligent Vietnam girl sign up on a dating site and search for Western men? What makes Asian girls from this country marry foreign men?

  • Every year, throngs of men leave the comfort of their homes just to find a Vietnamese wife.
  • Vietnamese guests don’t come with cheap gifts, we come with cash or check.
  • By the time I made another batch, what we hadn’t eaten was already moldy, especially in the rainy season, and had to be thrown away.
  • I met a lot of beautiful Vietnamese women—seriously, it was like, wow, do such attractive girls even exist?
  • Women from Vietnam, the Philippines, Russia and Ukraine constitute the majority of the brides in these services.

At the same time, through making financial contributions to their families, the daughters’ roles within their families also improved substantially (“They always call me for suggestions.”). As noted by many scholars, migrant daughters are more reliable than sons in remitting income to their birth family (Angeles and Sunanta 2009; Faier 2007; Mills 1999; Lapanun 2010). Some informants, for example, Bixiang and Ayong, had held a strong sense of filial duty as they were each the eldest child in a family without a son. For them, to support the natal family meant not only to be a filial daughter but also to indicate their special status within the family (“I always feel that I am a semi-parent of the family.”).

According to Tianzheng, her husband was as busy and working as hard as she was; without his contribution, it would have been difficult for her to run a good business. Over 1,000 Brazilians migrate to the US yearly, but not as migrant workers—this is the number of K-1 visa applicants, most of whom are Brazilian mail order brides. We did our own research, had a few interviews, and analyzed lots … The online dating period usually lasts for a year, then a groom visits a bride in Vietnam a couple of times, and then they apply for a K-1 fiance visa to the US. If you have already married a Vietnamese lady in another country, for example, in Vietnam, your wife will be able to apply for a visa as a foreign relative. Using a scam dating site rarely results in bigger losses than meeting a scammer who’ll make you think there’s something special between you.

Here are the most important facts about Vietnamese women for marriage. There’s even a popular joke in Vietnam that if you marry a Vietnamese girl, you marry her whole family. Vietnamese brides always try to provide for their parents, that’s why they both look for a more prestigious job and search for a husband who could help her with that. The Vietnamese girls themselves are good at saving money so don’t worry about big unexpected expenditures. In a positive way, Vietnamese mail order brides are somewhat old-fashioned. They believe in true love and don’t want to become one-night stands. Instead, they’re looking for a family and don’t talk too much about their personal life.

The lures of mobility: feminizing the borderlands

But you shouldn’t worry about the Vietnamese mail order brides cost because it’s not high. If you start dating them in the way we offer, you’ll likely spend only a few dollars. This is because online dating is a much cheaper option than trying to find a Vietnam girl for marriage in your country and take her to fancy restaurants all the time.

Every time I take my kids into town, I take a detour to the bakery. I named my small bakery after myself, but since my Chinese isn’t perfect, I had some problems communicating with the person designing the logo. After struggling to explain for several days, I still wasn’t satisfied with the design. I did everything on my own while my family was still fast asleep. When bored, I livestream on my phone for a while, and a few people join to watch me make bread.

Is it legal to buy a Vietnamese bride?

Many cross-cultural relationships begin when Chinese men meet their future wives while working in Vietnam. Vietnam and China share a 1,000-mile, largely unprotected border without major natural barriers. The two countries have forged close economic ties through a free-trade agreement effective since 2010.

What personality traits do make Vietnamese ladies good wives?

However, it’s important to understand that a mail order bride is not a woman who’s ready to migrate to a husband’s country to live a better (financially … Generally, the status of Vietnamese women in traditional households is to be subordinate to their husbands. Thus, Vietnamese women are usually considered to be housewives who support their husbands by doing housework and raising children. However, because of this Vietnamese feminist agenda, it is clear that Vietnamese women believe marrying foreign men might improve their social status, when in reality, they are diminished.

Different from Yan’s idea that the corporate model has been finally replaced by the individualized model of family, for many Vietnamese brides in this study, the former model still works better to cater to their needs. Crossing the border to sell goods for a better price or to buy cheaper products or services also became a usual practice in the China-Vietnam borderlands. According to the statistics, about 70% of Vietnamese people who cross into China on a daily basis are business people (Tian et al., 1995). For example, one famous business group at the border is formed by 19 Vietnamese women. They have clear labor divisions and engage in cooperative teamwork, as they are keen for business opportunities. Their businesses have covered a wide range of fields and have earned at least 3000 RMB per day per person .


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